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The inclined Bing Carburettor is in a housing, accessible through a removable cover.

I have let myself be converted that the convincing handling and ability to take curves of the MB250 with the extreme short wheelbase was not achieved at the expense of a reduced ability to track on the straight or in increased tendency to fall over.

I was never comfortable with the short swing of the clockspring (on the M200).  Not that the suspension properties left anything to be desired or that the travel was not sufficient.  The problems started with the braking.  The braking of the unusually effective hub with 180mm diameter and 30mm lining width makes the link stand up.  A braking moment of about 1.5 m/sec2 is enough to make the link rise sufficiently to negate the effect of the suspension.  This has sometimes with speed and with descending a curvy hill led to unpleasant hopping away of the front wheel  which had caused me, contrary to all habit, to use the rear wheel brake somewhat more.  if you use both brakes simulatneously, then the rising of the link only starts at a deceleration of 3.5m/sec2.

Well in Frankfurt this characteristic has long been recognised and the answer was presented at the IFMA in 1953 in the form of a new front fork.  The swing arm lever length was increased to 130mm and the braking moment was intercepted in this way so that the machine now dives slightly when braking.   This is added to the extended wheelbase and the steering angle, now increased from 61 degrees to 63 degrees.  The trail was increased from 60mm to 70mm.

The slimmer and somewhat higher tank and also the exact tracking together with the change in the steering geometry and especially with the very exceptionally well dampened new suspension has so much improved the already good riding quality of the M250 that the Adler now belongs to the best suspended and most comfortable machines that we have got to know to date.

I have ridden the machine in the new version for a relatively short distance for what I could do with the new suspension on forest paths and country tracks I would trust myself to do with very few other machines.  It could be that the rear suspension would bring an additional small plus in terms of rider comfort ....