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A German test



...... but i think it is foolish to ride on principles when these days the experts often think of the suspension as the thing that will make all the difference.  It's not after all just a matter of the princple but a matter of the execution.  I freely admit that it is not easy with a vertical suspension ito achieve a sufficiently small travel? traction? and I did indeed in the beginning have some difficulties when the initally built in pressed metal sliders swelled because of moisture absorption.  Since then the pressed metal units have been replaced by cast units and now the oil damped rear suspension really works excellently.  It is only too understandable that a machine which can show such excellent achievements will be examined particularly critically both from the profession and outside the profession and will attempt to take the gloss off.

The Achilles heel of this excellent construction is supposed to be according to the conventional belief the reasonably high petrol consumtion.  Well, I was in the beginning also not exactly happy with the appetite of the wild bumblebee  Though I put in her favour that from the first moment she was ridden with a performance which in her class had been without example before.  Through careful adjustment of the carburettor and ahead of everything through very vigilant maintenance of ignition timing I achieved quite respectable values and when with an average speed on link roads of 80 and on autobahns at 100 I still managed to stay in the five litre limit then you can't say much against it for such riding achievement.  With a link road average of 68kph in reasonably hilly terrain I came to 3.8l/100km.  The rest is expressed by the graph which is in its characteristic not unlike that of a four stroke motor.  the new carburettor has led to a notable reduction in the average petrol consumption because it can be more exactly adjusted at idle.

Over one thing you have to be completely clear.  This motor with its silk soft running that goes through the gears without any problems seduces one to ride like you're in a competition  and that costs petrol.  Who rides more sedately can ride this motor quite economically.


For a machine with this perfomance the petrol consumption can be considered normal.  The consumption figures represented in the curve lie at the upper limit as they have been measured at very low external temperatures.